Ben Carson Compares Slaves to Immigrants

NORTHRIDGE, CA — Ben Carson compared slaves to immigrants during his first address as Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary today.

Ben Carson
Credit, Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Carson, who is African American, referred to slaves as “immigrants who came here on the bottom of slave ships” with dreams of prosperity for their kin.

Carson’s statement to the HUD employees created an uproar on social media with many public figures and civil rights groups expressing their concern with his comments.

VIDEO: Full Speech- Ben Carson First Address to HUD Employees

Credit, Right Side Broadcasting Network

Some of the people who spoke out against Carson were Samuel Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg and Chelsea Clinton.

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect also spoke out against Carson’s comments.

American slaves were people who had been brought to the United States against their will and were forced to work without compensation.


By Shelby Charlene

Contributions from USA Today

Photo, Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Video, Right Side Broadcasting Network


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