Trump Promises Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions, GOP Healthcare Bill States Otherwise

NORTHRIDGE, CA — President Trump’s promise of healthcare for pre-existing conditions during his “Face The Nation” interview on Saturday is not consistent with the language within the Republican healthcare bill.

Face the Nation
President Trump sits down with John Dickerson for “Face The Nation” interview on Apr. 29th, 2017. Credit, CBS Video Screenshot

The President claimed that the GOP bill does not lower the protections for sick people during his interview with CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent and moderator of “Face The Nation”, John Dickerson.

“Pre-existing conditions are in the bill,” President Trump insisted, “and I mandate it. I said. ‘It has to be.’”

VIDEO: “Face The Nation” Full Interview- President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

Credit, Face The Nation on CBS

Even though the bill federally covers pre-existing conditions, the most recent version of the bill could allow insurers to be exempt from federal law.

This loophole gives states the option to allow insurance companies to charge more to citizens with pre-existing conditions.


Many citizens with pre-existing conditions were denied coverage or were forced to pay extremely high premiums for insurance before the Affordable Care Act was legislated in 2010.

The current GOP bill would undermine the protections from the ACA, forcing many citizens with pre-existing conditions to revert back to higher insurance costs.


By Shelby Charlene

Contributions from CBS

Photo, CBS Video Screenshot

Video, Face The Nation on CBS


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